Away I go, again!

It’s been a while. Let’s not kid ourselves (or rather, I won’t kid myself), writing a blog steadily turned out to be harder than I thought it would (especially when my mac doesn’t have OSX El Capitan and WordPress refuses to work on 2 out of my 3 browsers…) It requires a lot more discipline than I thought, so I let it fizzle out for a year. But here I am, abroad again, so it only seems fitting I crack open the dusty internet archives and recount my new journey.

I’m currently a Masters student at NYU, studying to get my certificate in teaching English and Italian as foreign languages. I begin student teaching next year and realized I could pretty much kiss my spring break travel plans good-bye. When the public schools have break, I still have classes at NYU and vice-versa. Therefore, I knew I had to apply for a Janruary-term study abroad program I had heard about when I first visited NYU (and I’d dreamed about it since then). Flash-forward to now: sitting in the simply-furnished bedroom in my host mother’s apartment in the Dominican Republic! While this adventure won’t be as long my others, three weeks of sun, merengue, and cultural immersion is definitely preferable over the Polar Vortex of New England in January.

As the final project for this trip, I will be examining food culture in the DR. I’ll be dedicating blogs to new recipes, dishes and food traditions I encounter on my trip here. I’ll also post about some other general cultural observations – such as how I’m sure that I’ll get some cabin fever since my host mom keeps telling me to avoid walking around and exploring on my own, which I love doing. Come to think of it, my usual mom also told me that… Anyway, I can’t wait to share all the amazing experiences, gastronomic and other, that I’ll be having in these next 3 weeks.



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