Unplugging in Punat

The month of June was a very busy month for me, despite my initial belief that it would be relaxing and restful. Don’t get me wrong, the various trips I took were welcome bouts of craziness and exploration, but the whole idea of moving all of my belongings from Crema to Bologna then leaving for Croatia two days later was not the most restful. I bring you the first of two entries covering my travel in the month of June.

But first, a tangent! One of my biggest milestone that I didn’t blog about was running another 10K in Milano – “the one” that sparked all of my running madness – the Nike Women’s Run. Among the humidity of Milan in June, 7,000 women (and some men) raced through the city. It was brutal, running through traffic and smog, but absolutely satisfying. I finished the run with fists pumping and a whole new idea of what I was capable of.

And after all that, I packed up my stuff, said “see you later” (it’s never good-bye) to Crema and my friends there, and hopped on the A14 to Bologna. My arrival in Bologna was a whirlwind, as my boyfriend and I planned to take full advantage of his one-month vacation from work (and my newfound unemployment). We arrived in Bologna the evening of the 8th of June and on the 11th we were on the road to Croatia. By car, the trip took about 6 hours but seemed shorter, especially after a great lunch in Slovenia. We arrived on the island of Krk and soon realized we were probably the youngest tourists by a long shot.

However, this only excited me – after a busy last few months of work and the emotional turmoil of leaving Crema, I really needed a zen beach get-away. I wanted to wear a bathing suit all day, walk around in flip-flops and not care that I smelled like sunscreen. And so I did.

The little town of Punat was the answer to my prayers, with a coastline that stretched out from the center of the town and finished with a nudist beach (didn’t make it there, however). The waters were like those you seen in ads for the Caribbean: shimmering and clear, with varying hues of turquoise. We saw all kinds of fish and even sea urchins! And I loved the fact that the beaches were not sand but pebbled. Nothing like eating a sandwich without feeling the sand grit between your teeth.

After our five days in Croatia, I felt totally refreshed. We ate well, went to bed early, hit the beach whenever we wanted and really unplugged from the routine. The sea air and the warmth of the pebbles under my towel while I devoured a book were just what I needed. What a great way to adjust to the fact that a beautiful chapter of my life just closed … and a new one is about to begin.

The dock at sunset
       The dock at sunset
is this even real?
         is this even real?
our secret beach
                             our secret beach

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