Who would’ve thought … (part 2)

Today was the day! And I did it! 10 km, in about an hour and 15 minutes.

The last few kilometers were really difficult, especially because I hadn’t ever tried to run a full 10k straight before (yea, yea I know. That wasn’t the smartest way to train). However I have to say I’m proud and surprised at my will power. Despite seeing others fly by, I kept my head low and pushed on, which I am used to doing anywhere other than in an athletic event. Normally, whenever an exercise gets too hard or I’m too tired to keep running, I just stop. Today, I kicked myself and saw just how far I can actually go. And it felt really good. So here’s to my first (and not my last) 10K. I’m excited to see how things go in Milan in June.

Also, I would post a picture of the medal, but they didn’t give us one (not because we were slow, just because they didn’t have any). We did, however, get a post-run goodie bag … Oh Italy, you funny place.

Guess I don't need to grocery shop for a bit...
Guess I don’t need to grocery shop for a bit…

Be on the lookout for another entry about my trip to Lisbon! (or two…lots to write about…)


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