Who would’ve thought…

This post serves to commemorate a day I thought I would never see: Yesterday I ran 10KM.

(Ok real story, I ran 6.5 km then walked for 1.5 then ran another 4, to complete a 12KM work out.)

Why? Well, as some of you know, I’ve signed up to run the Nike Women’s Run in Milan on June 5th. It’s a run only for girls (who run the world) and it’s a 10K that starts at sunset. So basically, it sounds awesome. And I’ve never been the distance runner but I decided to sign up and end my time in Lombardia with a bang!

Later on, my friend Melia and I discover that there is another 10K run for Parkinson’s in Crema at the end of April. Since we were riding the high of creating our Nike Women’s Run team (#creamteamdreamteam) we decided to sign up for this local run.

T-Minus two weeks and cue the panic: can I do this? Am I capable of achieving my goal of running 10 whole kilometers without stopping? Before this training, I had never done more than 5k, and at a very casual pace, might I add. So imagine my surprise when, approaching kilometer 4 of 6 yesterday, I realize I’m not dying. Yes, ok, I’m struggling, but I don’t feel the pressing need to stop and I’m not wheezing, not grasping at the air but rather, breathing.

Yesterday was a huge milestone for me. I was (and still am) on Cloud 9. My high-school-self is doing a victory dance after multiple defeats on the high school track, failing or barely passing the timed mile test. So I felt the need to share this. And to say, the only thing standing in your way is your mind. Once I got over the idea of 10KM as this long distance that I could never accomplish, it was much easier to keep going.

Say yes to it all. yes to sweating, to having jelly legs after, 
and to smiling non-stop because HOLY CRAP I CAN DO IT!


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