Departing and restarting

Hello everyone, it’s been a while!

Tomorrow I leave for Brussels for a few days – my first european vacation outside of Italy since I arrived in September. Don’t get me wrong, traveling in Italy is great but sitting through an airplane during its departure offers a sensation that no other type of travel can give me; the moment we reach cruising altitude, the relief and excitement become real.

I figured I would explain my absence from the blog-osphere, only because I think it deserves an acknowledgement. Honestly, I had arrived to a point where didn’t find that much in my day-to-day life in Crema interesting to write about. I was in a steady schedule for work, and that’s pretty much all I was doing – wake up, eat breakfast, dart from school to school, and arrive home exhausted. I didn’t have time to appreciate the beauty of the town because all of a sudden I had become a citizen, not a tourist. At least, that was my excuse.

Then, the other day I read this passage:
Non è la realtà delle cose che fa un posto, ma lo spirito con cui lo guardi. Ragazzi, la geografia è un concetto puramente mentale, e se lo vedi da una certa angolazione anche un luogo come questo ti può sembrare il Vietnam di Platoon o le strade di Pulp Fiction.
[Translation: It’s not the reality of things that make a place, but the spirit with which you look at it. Guys, geography is a purely mental concept, and if you look at it from a certain angle, even a place like this can seem like Vietnam from Platoon or the streets of Pulp Fiction.]

Now, if that wasn’t a realization, I don’t know what would be. Suddenly I realized my bad excuse for not updating my blog was sheer laziness and was proof I was in a mental rut. I had forgotten that I was so privileged and fortunate to be working something similar to my dream job in an amazing foreign country. So I renew my vow to post more frequently, even if it is about the stuff that seems so normal to me. So to begin, here’s a picture of the famous basilica in Crema, Santa Maria della Croce.

the product of a long walk on a sunny day
the end-goal of a long walk on a sunny day

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