Pandino Pandimonium

Hello my dear readers, tutti i miei cari lettori! Again I realize how hard keeping a blog is when you’re working all day and visiting every relative your host family has by night. I’m writing to you on a full stomach, topped by an amazing bluebery-marmelade pie. I’m currently in the tiny, quaint town of Pandino, a stone’s throw from Crema, for my second 2-week camp this summer. I’m teaching the older kids, who range from 12-15 years old. Their English level is pretty good, which makes my job both easier and harder – easier in that the pre-teaching is less, but harder in that they go through activities at a much faster rate since they understand so much. However, I’m planning on doing much more content-based English, so like what you need to know to order a meal or in a job interview, rather than hammering on with grammar.

In traveling news, on Sunday my host family took me to Lake Como! We stopped, of course, at the famous George Clooney’s Villa, L’Oleandra. He was MIA but despite his absence, the Villa was beautiful. We took the traghetto/ferry across the lake to Bellagio, which was another really beautiful town. It was very Amalfi Coast-esque, with lots of uphill treks, narrow, winding alleys and brightly colored buildings. Lunch was a menù di Lago with an antipasto of three types of fish caught directly in the lake and a pasta with a dried, salted fish (obviously I’ve included the pictures).




This weekend I think I’m going to head to Milan (seeing as I’ve never been). My number one goal is to climb the Duomo – that is, if the line isn’t horrendous. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some sleep but chances are not – too much to see and too little time, as usual. If anyone has any recommendations – hostels, restaurants, things to see or do – let me know!

Alla prossima!


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