Il ritorno…è fatto!

I made it! I am officially in Bologna, semi-officially not jet-lagged and officially sweating bullets. All in all, a pretty good place to be after my first 24 hours in Italy. I’m staying with my boyfriend at his lovely, new, air-conditioned apartment in Castel Maggiore, which is about 30 minutes by car  outside of Bologna’s center. However, right now we’re at his parents (non-airconditioned) house so he can watch the sixth Spurs-Heat game in HD. The weather has been around a nice toasty 90 with a heavy-handed dash of humidity, but that didn’t stop me from dragging my tired self all around town. Went to the mall (to get out of the heat rather than to shop) and then after dinner we drove into Bologna to grab a beer and sit in Piazza Verdi. Afterwards, we walked into Piazza Maggiore and I just about cried. It felt amazing and so natural to just be in the middle of that huge space where last year I spent so much time. I couldn’t get over how I was able to remember every little shortcut and side street, despite having been away for almost a year (another hard fact to comprehend).

In other exciting news, I got my assignment for my summer job with ACLE. My first English-immersion camp is, coincidentally, in Crema, the town I’ll be working in all next year! I’m excited to have the chance to explore the city a little on my own before I get thrown into the TA gig in October. I’ll be there for two weeks, which I’m really looking forward to as opposed to one week. It just gives me that extra time to feel comfortable in the camp environment and also with the host family I’ll be staying with.

For now, that’s about it in my vita Bolognese. I’ll keep updating (hopefully at a more regular rate that last year), so keep an eye out!


One thought on “Il ritorno…è fatto!

  1. Tara Piccininni

    GiGi I’ so sorry we did not get to see yoou before you left. Your mesage sounds great. I’m happy you’re happy. There’s so much to look forward to.. I love you and we are so, so proud of all you have accomplished. you are a star! Love Ms. Piccininni ( usually I’d sign Ms. P, but spelling it out sounds so appropriate now that you are in Italy,, HEEHEE.)

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