Forecast calls for a break


Well everyone, I’ve made it full circle yet again. I’m taking a pause in Bologna because next week I won’t be working. The pause is well welcomed, as my voice was on the verge of disappearing. However, I am sad that I am missing out on a week of work because I had a superb group last week and coming down off that high was rough. I would’ve loved to continue riding the “super-fun times at camp” wave. But che sarà, sarà – off to new adventures for a few days.


I arrived in Bologna on Saturday, and was blown away by the temperature. The heat was insane – sidewalks were radiating and I was ready to fry an egg on the pavement. After hitting my ragazzo’s house for a lunch (including some delicious ragu bolognese), we headed to one of the Brown in Bologna apartments where I’m staying until Wednesday with Italian friends. Last night I made a quick dinner and then headed out to dance a little bit. Upon my arrival back home, I threw off my shoes, laid down on the bed and fell asleep without even realizing, glasses in hand, feet still on the floor. This morning when I woke up I was thrown off, but then I realized the situation and just laughed.


Today was a lazy Sunday to the maximum. I watched a really cool documentary called “Man on Wire” about Philippe Petit’s amazing tightrope walking feats. He crossed the gap between the Twin Towers in 1974, just over a year after the towers were opened. The film was really capturing; the whole time I kinda watched with my mouth open in awe. Then, after lounging around in various rooms of the house I watched another movie and found myself with surplus time. “So why paint my nails? So why not eat all the leftovers? So why not write in my blog” Check, check, and in progress.


Tomorrow I’m heading to the beach to hopelessly work on my tan. I’ve made strides in comparisons to other summers, but I still have yet to achieve that Italian shade of toasted. We’re heading out early to maximize sunbathing time (or at least that’s why I’m reasoning waking up before 9 when I don’t have to work). Then, Tuesday is open for suggestions. As is Wednesday morning before my train leaves at 2.
Oh right – Wednesday I’m heading west to visit my cousins again in Chiavari. Basically, more beach time and good food! I’ll be there ’til Saturday if I’m working my final week. We’ll see what happens, though I really hope it works out that I have a final camp.


It’s too weird to me that I have a little over 2 weeks in Italy, especially considering I’ve been here since January. I feel like I just got here! It can’t be time to go yet! I’m working with the “deny everything” method at this point. And the level of freaking out I’m experiencing now is peanuts in comparison to the day before my flight. But let’s not go there yet. No need to cut my time shorter than it is.


Well lettori, all’s well on my end. Greetings from Bologna! I think I’ll watch another film since I really have no idea what to do with all this free time.
Ci vediamo!



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