What in the world?!

…more like “Where in the World.” It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s….my blog coming back to life. For now. I figured while I have some downtime I would update you all. And then I realized how long has passed since my last entry. So, in an effort to cut down on the extraneous information, I’ll just start from when I left Bologna and my experience working so far. Malta was wonderful and the memories from that trip will forever be ingrained in my mind, but I think my time in Italy is something amazing that requires much more attention.

Leaving Bologna was really difficult, especially knowing that everyone was going in a different direction. Some friends were staying in Italy to travel, some returning directly to the US and some heading to other parts of Europe to celebrate the beginning of summer. Leaving my apartment was even harder, because I had really come to see it as my second home. As much as I complained about it, the apartment represented everything that I found in myself during my semester in Bologna, especially a new, strong sense of autonomy. However, after many exchanges of “ci rivedremo” (we’ll see each other again), it was time for me to head to Sanremo for ACLE tutor orientation. And now, I find myself in Treviso, wrapping up my third week of english tutoring.

Here is a snapshot of my life a of now (one of my favorite moments so far): the Italy-Germany match is on TV. My 5-year-old host brother is running around the house yelling “la pipi mi scappa del’emozione” which roughly translates into “i’m so excited my pee is escaping!” However, he’s not talking about the match. He’s excited because his dad promised to put a new game on the iPad. Youth these days. Anyway, the match is going well – all around the block during halftime there were people chanting “italia, italia.” The atmosphere in Italy when there is an important soccer match on is something that I’ve come to appreciate. Before I got here in January, I barely watched sports and didn’t get how people were able to become so emotionally involved while watching a game on TV. But now, as I’m multi-tasking by watching the game and typing this up using the great skills learned from Mavis Beacon in elementary school, I realize how easy it is to become totally engrossed in a match. I’ve even been known to scream “MA COSA FAI?!” (WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!) alongside my 10-year-old host brother.

Fast forward to today. It is the second Thursday of a 2 weeks camp in Treviso and that means tomorrow is the campers’ final show and the tutors’ deliverance of diplomas and certificates. Looking back at my experience so far this summer, I feel like I’ve been working for months rather than years. However, it’s not a bad thing at all. I love what I’m doing, so much so that I’m already planning out my next summer in hopes of returning to do the same thing. I feel like, since January, I’ve grown immensely and all that growth has only helped me become a better tutor. If I hadn’t reacquired some self-confidence this past semester, it would’ve been impossible for me to be as outgoing with the kids at camp.

I’ll leave you with this, lettori – I am having an incredible experience in Italy, which leaves me wanting more every day. If I don’t write again for a bit, excuse me and know that I am living life to it’s greatest potential, eating my way through mountains of home-cooked meals and most importantly, realizing who I want to be.

Ci vediamo!


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