And away we go! (Again)

Ciao tutti! So tonight I’m leaving for the beautiful island of Malta in the Mediterranean. I figured I would shoot off a short update before I leave that way I don’t bombard y’all with long posts when I get back on the 21st.

So here’s the rundown since the last entry:

On the 11th, we went to the Acetaia di Giorgio in Modena to see where they make some DOC (di origine controllata/from controlled origins) and DOP (Denominazioni d’Origine Protetta/from protected origins) Balsamic vinegar. The vinegar is aged either 12 or 25 years and then put into 100ml glass bottles that start at 45 euros. Though I didn’t purchase a bottle to bring back with me, I did get to try 5 types of vinegar, which we ate off the spoons like candy. The key aspect of real balsamic vinegar is that it is much thicker and flavorful than the vinegar that you’d get in a supermarket. I could’ve sat there and tasted all 8 flavors because each one had its own unique qualities. Afterwards, the owners of the house (because this Acetaia is a private residence, where the vinegar factory is located in the spacious attic, as per Modenese tradition) offered us a light lunch featuring different plates that all incorporated balsamic vinegar in some way. There was parmigiano drizzle with balsamic, homemade crescentine, prosciutto and salami di Parma, a mixed salad with strawberries and a balsamic dressing, an herb frittata with vinegar drizzled on the top and finally, a delicious dolci – cherry torte with whole cherries that had been mixed with vinegar. After all that, I’m really tempted to try gelato and balsamic vinegar…

Saturday and Sunday found me attempting to study, but failing miserably. While I have realized the benefits of starting to study ahead of time, I also realize that I am a stress-studier, in the sense that when I’m under pressure, I tend to study more efficiently. However, not stressing about the exams meant not really studying very much at all. That said, 2 of my exams are done with and I passed with flying colors! My last one is on the 24th, a few days after I return from Malta.

Monday was my 21st birthday and though I had exams in the morning, the rest of the day was amazing. I had organized an aperitivo at Lab16 (the best place for Cosmopolitans) with all the friends I had acquired over the semester and the turnout was incredible! We ate, drank and were certainly merry. I can hands-down say it was one of the most fun birthday’s I’ve had in a while. Plus, not gonna lie, the atmosphere and the friends amplified it by 200%.

So lettori, that’s about all for now. I’ve packed my suitcase and now I’m just catching up on missed episodes of House and How I Met Your Mother. I’m sure you’re wondering “shouldn’t you be studying?” But let’s face it, I’m going on vacation in t-minus 5 hours. There’s no way my head nor heart will really be focusing on a textbook today. So, until the next time –

Ci vediamo!


One thought on “And away we go! (Again)

  1. Crispinus


    So you were away and missed the big quake, I take it? Hope you and your adoptive city are well.

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