Some like it hot…

…but this hot is kind of insane. The humidity has finally found us here in Bologna, which is making even the shortest of walks seem like wading through quicksand, or maybe that’s just me.

Buonasera everyone! I just finished a 6 mile run, a delicious dinner (chickpea, eggplant, tomato and chicken stew) and now plan to hit the books – as soon as I finish this entry!
This past weekend found me running, at the beach and going to various sporting events. Last Friday I decided it was time to stop being a wimp and hit the hills near my house to sweat out the stress of upcoming exams. I was actually surprised at how far and how long I was able to run – I guess all this walking around has really helped improve my stamina.

On Saturday my roommates convinced me to go to Rimini, a nearby beach town. However, having been out til 3am on Friday night and then waking up to take the 830am train Saturday morning was not my dream situation. I sucked it up, though, and we made it to Rimini without too much physical exertion. The beach was pretty empty when we arrived, and it took a while for the weather to get nice, but the afternoon brought cloud-less skies that made it almost impossible not to go in the clear and clean water. Though the water was pretty cold, I appreciated the fact that it wasn’t crowded or dirty like I’m sure it will be in the summer months. The only downside to the trip was some sand got into my camera and now the lens won’t open. My choice is to pay 50 euros to repair it or buy a new camera…I’m still deciding.

I slept like a baby Saturday night, but still had to wake up relatively early to go to the Bologna-Napoli soccer game. It was so worth it – the crowd had more than enough energy to keep me awake the whole game. We were in the curve of the stadium behind the goal and across us was a curve of light-blue clad Napolitanos. I won’t directly quote the obscenities shouted by everyone (including myself) before and during the game, but they were pretty creative! And there were all types of fans at this match (including some nonnas/grandmas), probably because it was the last match of the series and the last match for captain Marco Di Vaio before he heads to play for Montreal Impact. Bologna absolutely wiped the floor with Napoli, especially since Napoli could not make a single goal for their life. The final score was 2-0, Bologna – apparently it was the first time in a long time that Bologna had won in house against Napoli, so the crowd was going nuts.

After the soccer game, it was time to go see my ragazzo (boyfriend) shoot some hoops with his basketball team. They play in Corticella, a district outside of Bologna and I took my friend Terra with me to make some noise. They’re currently playing some tournaments and this was one of the deciding matches. They won, thankfully, after a really intense game – they had to go into overtime because each team was sinking two-pointers one after the other. Though the turnout in the stands was a little disappointing, Terra and I made sure to be as loud as possible when the other team had a free throw. Some parents were even staring at us, but we didn’t care. In the end, I like to think our booing at the other team was a leading cause of Corticella’s victory.

In more recent news, this past week has been all over the place! On Wednesday I got to meet Ambassador Thorne from the US and ex-Italian Presidente Romano Prodi (there’s a photo somewhere). They were having a talk with us about how Italians, especially the youth, can use social networking to their advantage in this moment of job crises. It was an interesting discussion, but as Prodi pointed out, the Ambassador was being overly optimistic. There needs to be a larger change in Italy than just increasing the amount of time spent researching possible work connections on the internet. How about having a discussion about why there is a brand spankin’ new hospital in Gravina (in Puglia) that hasn’t been open for 10 years?
Anyway, I don’t have any more official classes, but I do have 2 exams on Monday. Thankfully they are my two easier exams because my mind is really only focusing on my trip to Malta on the 16th. Tomorrow we’re hitting up an acetaia (in Modena where they make balsamic vinegar: YUM) and then this weekend I’ll be studying, partying and, come Monday, celebrating my 21st. Time is flying without any regard for us Brown in Bologna kids. Where did these last 5 months go?!


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