Ciao a tutti! Happy Friday to everyone!! I know my friends back at Skidmore are going through finals time right now, so here’s a shout out to them – I hope everything goes smoothly!!
I honestly cannot believe how fast time flies. It really makes no sense to me, I feel like I just posted my last entry a few days ago, not over a week ago! So here’s the rundown of what’s been going on in my Bologna bubble:

  • On the 27th, the Brown program took us to Hombre Caseificio outside of Modena. A Caseificio is where Italians make cheese, more importantly, delicious parmigiano reggiano!! We got to see all the cows, follow the entire process and see the storehouse filled with hundreds of cheese rounds. The caseificio is now owned by a member of the Panini family and he has this AWESOME car collection on the same grounds as the farm, where he houses decades of Maseratis, bicycles, motorcycles and tractors. It was really cool to be so close to so many expensive cars.

  • Also, I would be amiss if I didn’t mention the restaurant in Modena where my friends and I had a delicious lunch.  It’s called Il Fantino on Via Donzi, right in the center of Modena. I had a primo – gnocchi with squash and sausage – which was amazing. I had never had gnocchi that light before, and the combination of the salty sausage with the lightly sweet squash was out of this world! For a second, I had prosciutto which I stuffed into Gnocco fritto (which are just another way to say crescentine, the famous fried bread of Emilia Romagna). We ate like royalty that day!

  • Monday and Tuesday (April 30th and May 1st) we didn’t have classes (or at least, I didn’t go to them on Monday) because of a long weekend due to Labor Day. Apparently it’s a really big festival here, though when Tuesday came around, the rainy weather kept most people from celebrating in the piazzas.
  • Today, as per usual, I didn’t have class so I decided to go for a run in the Giardini Margherita. Recently I haven’t been able to run as much because I overdid it one day (hiking 10 miles to San Luca- we thought we were taking the scenic view…). However, I’m feeling better now and am slowly pushing myself to go a little further every day. It certainly helps that the weather here has been spectacular. Not many clouds, just hot with a breeze every once and a while.
  • All this nice weather means the produce at the market is out of this world! Finally got my hands on some asparagus and sauteed them into a linguini dish the other day. Also the strawberries are super red and juicy! Nothing better than starting the day off with fresh fruit and sunshine.

So my first two exams are around the corner on May 14th, but luckily I only have one book left to read. It’s not the easiest book on my list but what I learned from this is sometimes starting to study earlier rather than the night before the exam means you get extra chill time later on. It’s weird how this semester has just clicked – I haven’t felt stressed, I haven’t felt the pre-test anxiety …maybe that’s just ’cause I haven’t really taken any yet. I’ll report back how I’m doing the night of May 13th.
After those first two exams, I have little over a week to study for another one on May 24th, but I’ll be spending the majority of that time in Malta, catching up on the sun I missed while studying inside (that’s how I’m justifying it, ok?).
Well everyone, enjoy your weekend! I know I will – looking forward to seeing Bologna’s last soccer game against Napoli on Sunday.

Ci vediamo!


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