Going to Gravina!

Buongiorno lettori! So tonight at 11 I board a bus to Gravina in Puglia, which is here:

I’ll be there til Thursday night, when I take a train back to Bologna. Friday, I head to the region of Liguria to spend time with family for Easter weekend. What this means is I probably won’t be updating anytime soon, at least not in the next week. But when I do return, expect a photo gallery of greatness.

In other news, recently the weather has been AMAZING. High 70’s, sunshine, a slight breeze. I recently received a package from home that contained sunscreen *phew* because I know I wouldn’t have bought any in Bologna. I am slightly stubborn and like  to think that I can tan without completely turning a rosy red. Other noteworthy items from America? Some Skippy Peanut Butter (creamy, unfortunately, not crunchy) and some Sriracha, which was sorely missed my first month here.

Last night I decided to cook a legit dinner, with oven-baked parmesean crusted zucchini sticks, pasta carbonara (using guanciale, the better type of pancetta) and for dessert a flour-less chocolate cake-ish thing. Over all, 4 etti (400 grams) of pasta pretty much disappeared between the three of us. Same with the giant bottle of wine. But what is Italy if not heartily enjoying the food you eat and the drinks you drink?

That being said, today is fridge clean-out day before our trip down south. Looks like I’m going to be making something with zucchini, steak, and tomato sauce … doesn’t sound too bad now that I write it out. I’ve got all day to come with something, or just hit up SuperCook.

Ci vediamo!!


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