Let’s get cookin’

So I decided to make meringues again today, just because it was an lofty, beaten-egg-whites kinda day.
Here’s a step by step guide for any of you who would like to try to make them! Not gonna lie, they can be a little frustrating, but the key is to be patient (something that I am not).

  •  5 egg whites
  • 1 cup sugar
  • teaspoon of lemon juice
  • You’ll also need a glass bowl (helpful for getting those soft peaks) and remember to preheat the oven to 250 degrees F (around 120 C)


  • Separate egg yolks from whites (NOTE: eggs must be room temp. I’m not talking about 5 minutes out of the fridge, I’m talking about overnight out of the fridge. And yes, eggs can be out that long without going bad. In Italy, they’re sold right on the non-refrigerated selves.)
  • Combine lemon juice and egg whites in bowl(helps the eggs hold their shape. I prefer it to cream of tartar.)
  • Beat in bowl, slowly adding sugar until soft peaks start to form. (When you can lift the mixer out of the bowl and the whites maintain their shape, they’re most likely done. Or you could be brave and try the “turn the bowl upside down” method, but, I beg of you, DON’T OVERBEAT THEM. They’ll get runny again.)
  • Grease a cookie sheet with BUTTER (Paula Deen style, yumm) and use a spoon to drop little rounds on the cookie sheet.
    You can even make them smaller than this, I just got impatient…as usual.)
  • Open that pre-heated oven and stick those puppies in. Now, the hard part – wait ONE HOUR. Yup, one hour at 250 degrees F. (Don’t believe me? I was impatient and the outsides of the meringues cooked but the inside was still gummy – I’m telling you: WAIT FOR IT.)
  • After the hour is up, turn off your oven, stick all the baked meringues back in there and let them cool off, for however long that takes. This will improve the chances of a crispy inside rather than a gummy mess. 

I’m currently waiting for mine to be done cooling off, but I think I might just leave them there until tomorrow. Just to be safe.
Hope this was helpful lettori! Not much else is going on over here, just going to classes and trying to make it to Easter Break (though who am I kidding, my life is as easy as it’s gonna get right about now.) I did begin trying to plan out my senior year at Skidmore but it’s kind of impossible to think about. So I’m just going to put it off for now…
4 days until Gravina. Non vedo l’ora fino a quando posso prendere il sole al mare.
Ci vediamo!

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