Andddd we’re back.

Ciao lettori! I now apologize for giving people a hard time about not keeping up with their blog entries while abroad. It seems counter-intuitive to sit inside and stare at a screen when there are birds chirping outside and the weekly forecast is in the high 60s and low 70s. But here I am, taking time from my sunbathing to update the world (mostly because I already got a sunburn…yep, life’s rough).

So this past weekend I went to Rome (let’s hear it for the ROMEKIDS!) and had a wonderful time seeing everything through a fresh pair of eyes. I stayed in a much different part of the city this time than when we went this summer – I was about a 10 minute walk from the Colosseum and Vittorio Emmanuel II. Being in the middle of the historic center was awesome – we were a metro stop away from everything and the fact that I remembered the general location of most things was impressive but also really helpful. I hit the classic spots, of course: Pizzeria Remo, Il Margutta, Scholars. Here are some of the photos:

In other news, this week we didn’t have classes so I took a day trip to Ravenna yesterday and tomorrow I’m going to sleep in (which I have yet to do this week, surprisingly). Not having classes was supposed to equal me studying a little each day, but I have yet to crack open the books I bought. At least I bought them, right? The novels for my literature class are the least of my concerns – it’s all the textbook reading that brings flashbacks of intro-level classes at Skidmore. I barely read (or understand) the textbooks when I’m in the US, so there’s not a lot of appeal in reading the Italian textbooks.

I leave you with this lettori – as if I don’t have enough travel plans, I just booked a 3 day trip to Greece in April with some Brown in Bologna friends. Kos, here we come! What is study abroad for if not to broaden your academic AND cultural horizons. Don’t know if my mom will buy that excuse, but hey, I’m not one to deny 10 euro roundtrip tickets. #thankyouRyanAir

Ci vediamo!



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