Parisian Pause

So I made it back to Bologna after my weekend in Paris. I had a great weekend exploring what felt like a totally different world! Here are the highlights (majority of which are food related…):

First – Fondue! Go to a cute hole in the wall called “Refuge des Fondues.” Prix-fixe menu (21euros per person) included fondue pot, bottomless bread/meat basket (depending if you get the cheese or meat fondue), apperitivo-esque platter, baby bottle full of wine and a cocktail. Yes, they served wine in baby bottles.

Second – FALAFEL. One of the best falafel’s I’ve ever had, and even though I’ve only eaten 2 previously, this was still amazing. The picture I took doesn’t do it justice but the falafels were crispy and there was marinated eggplant on top and hot sauce! You have no idea how much I’ve missed hot sauce in Italy.

Third – Climbing the Eiffel Tower! We took the stairs like champs and hiked up to the second tier (there was an elevator to reach the tippy-top but we decided to skip since it was tres windy).

Fourth – Galerie de Paleontologie e d’Anatomie in the Jardin des Plantes. It was amazing how many skeletons were in that one building, collected from excavations from around the world (including Utah. Strange). They had specimens from all different kingdoms (cue Lion King soundtrack) and had dissection examples for each system of the body.

Fifth – CREPES. Of course, what trip to Paris is complete without a crepe? C’mon people, there are tons of creperies in the world but when in Paris, it’s almost obligatory to eat a crepe. So my last night we went out and got a crepe prix-fix menu, which consisted of: one glass of hard cider (YUM), side salad (with that delicious French Cafe dressing that is used throughout the city), ham-egg-cheese crepe and then a butter-sugar crepe. I was in crepe heaven at the end of the night.

Also – word to the wise! I ate at this great Bistro called Bistrot du Coin, off the Ledru-Rollin stop on the 8 metro. Go to THIS website to reserve a table online and get 40% off on your order. Yea, that’s right, your WHOLE meal is 40% off. That’s a miracle in France. I’m not just sending this out there for spam, it’s an honest to goodness tip because Paris is pretty pricey.

And now it’s back to the daily grind, though I have figured out my schedule and it equals no classes for me on Fridays. Meno male, is all I can say! And now it’s time for another installment of “Raid the fridge for dinner ingredients.” Ci vediamo!


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