2 weeks later…

Yes yes, lettori, I am still alive & kickin’ – the weather has taken a turn for the AWESOME. The sun is shining and jackets are pretty much optional at this point, especially when rushing from class to class or coming home with arm-fulls of groceries – two (of the many) Bolognese work outs I’m using. Howver, impending sickness has required me to wear some kind of coat, because ain’t no way I’m going to be sick in Paris.

I’m going to skip the apologies about not posting for so long because, honestly, it’s been a crazy, jam packed time, which included (but was not limited to):

-narrowing down classes, and then proceeding to change my mind completely. But who didn’t see that coming?

-Getting a personal cooking lesson from a sassy (and racist) Italian nonna: on the menu were Tortelloni and ravioli with spinach and ricotta filling; pasta with peas, panna, pancetta and porcini mushrooms; traditional Bolognese tagliatelle con ragu. No not that Ragu from a can – from scratch, sausage and ground beef-based tomato-y deliciousness. (See photos in slideshow).

-Going to Verona for some romance at Juliet’s house.

-Celebrating a friend’s 21st birthday, Italian style.

– Hitting up Venice for Fat Tuesday celebrations (photos in slideshow).

-Finalizing my job as an English tutor at the local high school (paid internships saving the day!)

-Hosting a college friend who was visiting from Paris, which included battling the famous San Luca incline to reach the basilica at the top. Totally worth it.

So as you can read, lettori, I have had a lot on my plate. But finally, I am sitting down to fill you in and post amazing pictures for your visual enjoyment. And also to let you know I’m going to Paris on Friday (yes, to visit the same friend who was just here. I haven’t seen her since last May, so this was necessary).

Hopefully these pictures are worth more than a thousand words because most of the sights in Venice left me speechless. Buona notte e ci vediamo!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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