Brunchin’ it up.

Ciao lettori! Today is the epitome of a lazy sunday – woke up at 2, made some food and watched some American TV, all in my pjs. I normally can’t sleep past 10, but last night I went to this “Reggae + Trash-fest” thing with 2 Italian friends that live in Bellombra 14 and we didn’t get back til 6am this morning, so waking up before 12 was just not an option. It was a really fun experience though!

The place was called XM24 ( There was a DJ spinning reggae/soul music on the top floor and in this small basement there were 4 dudes spinning Italian and American music from the 80s and 90s. I really enjoyed the new experience, especially because it wasn’t packed and it wasn’t expensive. Definitely brought back some memories from grimy high school years at concerts in the Knitting Factory in NY, but I wouldn’t mind going back for another chill night (Funny addition – during the spring and summer they have an “ortofruttolo” which is a public fruit and vegetable patch where people from Bologna can come pay for fresh produce!)

This morning I was pretty much worthless until I started cooking – I had the bright idea to sautee some garlic, onions and prosciutto to mix with spaghetti and then add parmigiano reggiano and pepper on top – it was like my own twist on Caccio e Pepe. That was just the first course. Then, because I’ve been having a french toast craving for the past week, I whipped up some batter and made some cinnamon-sugar  fluffy french toast. I also added a little Vermont Maple Syrup to the batter, because one of the other Americans who lived here last semester left it for us. Talk about #winning.

Now I just have to proofread my written exams that are due tomorrow. Yet I feel like I might wanna watch another episode of Psych first. I’m really patting myself on the back for not leaving these exams til the last minute, because today all I want to do is lounge like a boss…and maybe make some more cookies, but what else is new, let’s be honest.

In case you were wondering, there is still an insane amount of snow on the ground. And we’re supposed to expect more until Monday. If I don’t freeze first, ci vediamo!


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