No such thing as too much snow…

…That, lettori, is a lie. A blatant lie. There is currently too much snow in Bologna and it keeps on coming.

Just when I thought I would wake up and see clear streets out my window, there were small flakes falling down from above. These small pieces of frozen water have just continued to get bigger and bigger as the day progresses. So I’m stuck in the house, again. The first day of this snowpocalypse (Thursday) was fine – we made cookies, my housemate made an amazing fried zucchini parmigiana and we played some cards. Second day, we watched Inglorious Bastards and lounged around the house. Today…well today I just don’t know what to do with myself. Maybe do some more yoga, do some laundry, search recipes on the internet? Yes, all those sound like viable options but I have to admit I do get cabin fever easily. Maybe I’ll try and convince everyone to build a snowman.

Dov’è il bel tempo? Where is the nice weather?! I just want to be able to walk under the famous Bolognese porticoes without sliding every 2 seconds. It’s a serious problem lettori, I’ve already fallen once and there’s a lot more snow to be had apparently. This is the most snow that Bologna has seen in at least 20 years – I feel so lucky to witness it but at the same time, I did not bring enough wool socks for this.

Maybe the only solution is to stock up on wine and watch a lot of movies.

In that case, ci vediamo!



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