Tutto liscio come l’olio

Buona sera tutti! The title of this post is a saying that basically means “everything is running smooth, like olive oil.” I thought it’s appropriate since, truthfully, things have been running smoothly. So smoothly, in fact, that I often don’t realize that this upcoming week is my 4th week in Bologna! I still feel like I just got here a few days ago, even though I’m navigating like nobody’s business and I even figured out how to take a shuttle from Bologna to the IKEA nearby! That was a great (and short) Saturday excursion, since this week we did have a program specific trip; however, next Saturday we’re going to Verona! Romeo and Juliet reenactment, anyone?

This is our  last week of orientation and we’re picking out which classes we want to take at the actual University, which is a task much easier said than done. After coming from a fairly well-functioning system at Skidmore, the UNIBO system makes me a little pazza (crazy). There’s no real way to narrow down your search except guess-and-checking your keywords. And even then, they show every class in the books, even if it’s not offered this semester, which stinks because there have definitely been a few classes that I’ve had to forget about since they’re not offered. Boh, I guess it’s all part of learning to go with the flow.

OH! Most important (food-related) I made flan yesterday, after buying a glass baking pan at IKEA. It was delicious; a near cousin to my grandpa’s recipe. I had to do so substituting and experimenting, but it came out pretty well! This week, since it’s supposed to snow (knocking on wood that it won’t) I’m going to make a thick lentil soup with sausage. Even thinking about it makes me hungry, though tonight my language section had our weekly potluck and a movie – we had a delicious carbonara and orange-balsamic salad, with an antipasto of toasted bread, tomatoes and salame. I think everyone has gotten the urge to cook after living here for a bit. I’m certainly making much more elaborate breakfasts than normal. I just feel so inspired so I don’t want to eat cereal every morning.

Well lettori, I hope you enjoy the rest of your afternoon and night. I, on the other hand, am heading straight to bed. I still can’t shake this cold that’s been going around all the kids in the program. Hopefully some sleep  will do the trick.

Ci vediamo!


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