Two weeks down!

Ciao lettori! So I’ve gotten a little lax with the posting, but time truly does fly by here.

In a brief summation since my last post: on Saturday we went to Ferrara, a small town about 45 minutes north of Bologna. The city center is really quaint and the landscape is totally flat, so there are about 1.8 bikes for every resident (according to our tour guide). We visited a historic castle (Castello Estense) and climbed one of the four towers. Because Ferrara is so flat, a lot of fog accumulates and the view from the top was sort of limited. But it was still worth it to me, a tower-climbing fanatic. We also visited the city’s Duomo, Jewish Ghetto and Palazzo Schifanoia. The Duomo is beautiful inside- lots of ornate details and gold – gold everything, all the time.

Our lunch in Ferrara was a feast. There were 4 courses, beginning with an appetizer that overtook the whole table – bread, vegetable baskets, meat plates, fresh cheese. Then, the primo – pumpkin (that’s right, PUMPKIN) tortelloni and red cabbage risotto. Secondo – oven roasted turkey and potatoes. Third (dessert) – frutti di bosco Panna Cotta and a flaky cream pastry thing. Don’t worry, I included pictures at the end of the post.

Today we had another tour, but it has been my favorite one so far. We went to the Museo dell’Universita where there are all these wax models of human bodies and the organ systems, etc. It’s amazing that all the instruments and models they used are still preserved and in cases before our very eyes. It was my favorite university so far, and I totally recommend it to anyone (especially students – its only 1 Euro with your ID. 3 Euros for everyone else).

So I’ve been here for two full weeks. Time certainly does fly, and I feel like I’ve been here for much longer than two weeks. Our class selection process starts tomorrow and I’m excited to see what Italian Literature classes I can get my hands on. I’ll either be taking 3 or 4 courses, depending on the credits.

Va bene, I don’t want this to be an overwhelming post. I’ve got some more to say but I’ve learned my lesson – post more often! I’m off to go cook dinner with our Brown in Bologna neighbors. Who knows what we’re having?!

Ci Vediamo!


3 thoughts on “Two weeks down!

  1. Thank Daniele!
    Two weeks in Bologna definitely felt faster, probably because i’m doing the whole “be a real person” routine – cooking, going to class, shopping for groceries – rather than going on awesome necropolis tours and such haha

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