cloudy with a chance of crepes.

Ciao lettori!
So I already broke my “post every 2 days rule” – sorry if I broke anyone’s heart. In reality, the time is just flying by so two days seems like one. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.
Today started out with the sun shining through my window, but the afternoon brought a gloomy fog along so I’ve cranked up my heater and put some water to boil for tea. Later today I have my first Italian yoga class at a studio down the street (10 minute walk). I’m really excited I found a place close by because yoga was really helpful for me last semester, in terms of stress management and relaxation. Hopefully it’ll have the same benefits this semester (not that I’m stressed right now, at all).
Yesterday we went to the Museo Medievale in Bologna, which was amazing. The building itself is compromised of structures from various time periods.The museum was well organized and not overwhelming in the least bit, which I appreciated. There are tons of well preserved tombs from Bologna University professor that have amazing engravings of classroom scenes on the front. I highly recommend paying a visit, especially because it’s not huge, so you can see everything in an hour.
On Thursday, we went to the MAMbo (Museo d’Arte Moderna a Bologna). There was an exhibit by a language teacher from the Brown in Bologna program, and it was interactive, so we all got to be a part of it. Walking around the museum was eye-opening, as well as frustrating. Since Modern Art lacks the immense history of classical art, there isn’t much explanation as to why, other than expressing oneself, an artists makes a piece of modern art. It was just difficult walking through the corridors and not understanding what I was seeing. Maybe I’m just too traditional. Va bene, either way, I recommend a visit to the Museum just to see all the exhibits. There are some fun, colorful ones.
Finally, today, after some half-hearted shopping on my end, I treated myself to a crepe with “frutti di bosco” marmellata. This flavor is my new obsession. I don’t know why I was skeptical of it before, because I eat it all the time now. I’m already devising a scheme to send some back home for when I have to leave. The crepe came from this little hole in the wall shop and was pretty tasty! It certainly made the 20 minute walk home more enjoyable.

Tonight, we’re going to the club!
Tomorrow, we’re going to Ferrara!
Ci vediamo!


One thought on “cloudy with a chance of crepes.

  1. Elizabeth

    I was finally able to comprehend modern art after I took an art history course that encompassed it. I really helps to understand the history of the time that the art was produced in and also the literary trends that were going on at the time. I was surprised that I could actually appreciate modern art after that. I do need a refresher course though! I have forgotten the particulars!

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