Alcune cose

Lettori, here is a list of things to remember for myself and also for all those italians out there, giving me weird looks, compiled in celebration of almost completing my first week here.

Per me (for me): If there are a lot of people crossing the street, stop staring at the oncoming traffic, take a deep breath, and cross the street.
Per loro (for them): It’s not weird to give someone the right of way. What I’m trying to say is, I’m not being shifty when I let you pass in front of me.

Per me: if the bus is late, the bus is on time. va bene?
Per loro: Yes, sometimes we speak English.

Per me: Don’t pet any more dogs. Sometimes what looks like dirt is not.
Per loro: I am not trying to steal your dog or your wallet or your child. Sorry if I give off that impression when I smile.

Per me: Stop making eye contact with street vendors.
Per loro: No, I don’t want to buy your bamboo, hand-plaited kimodo dragon sculpture…artwork…thing.

Per me: (this is pretty universal) People get agitated when it takes you longer than 10 minutes to buy your train ticket. Suck up your pride and use the “in Inglese” option.

and finalmente…

Per me: This new “lactose intolerance” thing that I’m supposed to have – it’s just a state of mind – bring on the pizza, cappuccinos and parmigiano reggiano, per piacere.

That’s all I can think of for now. Domani (tomorrow) our group heads to Ravenna to explore a little. We get to see Dante’s tomb which is SUPER cool (in mia opinione). But first, our first Friday night in Bologna, AND my housemate is going to cook polenta. Buonissimo!

Ci vediamo!


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