Sono arrivata, lettori! I made it to Bologna safe and sound on Monday morning, except my computer wouldn’t work or I would’ve posted earlier. I was able to take it to the Apple store close by and apparently it’s a hardware problem. In my time without technology, I’ve basically unpacked and situated myself pretty well. I have the largest room of the house, and by largest I mean ridiculously huge. I don’t know what to fill it with, but I’m sure I’ll find stuff as the semester goes on.
Our house is about 20 minutes walking distance from the center of town, la Piazza Maggiore. The weather has been oddly beautiful for winter in Bologna, so I don’t mind the walk. There is also a bus stop conveniently placed at the end of the street. Still, our house is the farthest from the Brown in Bologna campus, and I’ve lovingly dubbed it “Boondocks Bellombra.”
There are 19 of us in the program, yet some haven’t arrived yet, like my other American housemate. For the past 2 days, it has only been my Italian housemate and I in an apartment for 4 people. Needless to say we’re a little spoiled. There’s no wait for the shower or piles of dirty dishes (yet).

The city itself is amazing. I don’t think I ever could’ve imagined how truly historically complex it is. There is old architecture everywhere, dating back to the 2nd century. I love walking around but I’m sure I look like a tourist because my head is always moving, looking up at the porticos (each decorated differently by the families that lived in the buildings) or at the various people on the street. It is truly a university town, as the majority of people I pass are younger, student types.

Today is my language placement test, so I think I’ll take the walk again, which means I’ve got to leave about 30 minutes in advance as the Brown office is farther than the Piazza Maggiore.
I’ll post pictures soon, I promise. In the meantime, ci vediamo!


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