US today, Bologna tomorrow!

Ciao Lettori!
Well, I don’t get to Bologna exactly “tomorrow,” but in less than 24 hours (23 hours and 15 minutes) my plane will be on the tarmac, ready to go! I arrive midday Monday, to reported 50 degree weather. Che bravo!
So I know you’re all wondering if I finished packing and (drumroll please) … I DID. Well, everything except my carry-on. I’m not sure if I kept it all the checked bags under 50lbs, but I’m hoping a friend will lend me a scale to double-check. I still can’t believe this time tomorrow I will be on my way out for 8 months. Talk about arrivederci America!
There are still little things that I remember in a moment of epiphany and squeeze in my suitcase, like my jacket and a pen and a laptop charger? You know, just the small stuff.

Well Lettori, this is probably the last post that I’ll publish in America. I foresee the next one from my layover in exotic Lisbon, Portugal. My layover is about 2 hours, just enough time for me to look out the airport windows and hope I can get to Lisbon for an actual vacation at some point before August.

And yes, the magnitude and awesomeness of this all still hasn’t sunk in.

Ci vediamo!


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