uno, due, TRE!

Ciao tutti!

Three days left. I’m starting to really feel the pressure. Just called to try to unlock my cell and they told me they needed to mail me a new one…and shipping would take 7 days. So there goes that plan! And I am working on packing, though each day brings more and more clean laundry into my room to sort through. What started out as “the necessities” has quickly become “throw in whatever, man.” In the end, I’m sure I’ll overpack. But it wouldn’t be study abroad without worrying about the 50lb weight limit, right?
Anyway, I’m finally finished with all the pre-Bologna academic work I was assigned and I finally started reading actual books for fun! But with three days left, looks like this last one will have to be finished when I get back.
Anyway, I should get back to my valigia (suitcase) cause it’s gonna need some reorganizing. Also, forgot all about packing toiletries, shoes, etc. oops.

Ci vediamo! Wish me buona fortuna cause I think I’m gonna cut it real close to that 50lb limit.


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