Space & Place (required #7)

Here’s the second space & place entry for the trip. It’s about my time at the Vatican Museum on Friday:

Our journey through the Vatican museum began in the hall containing busts and various other statues. From there, we moved up the stairs, following the signs for the Sistine Chapel. While it wasn’t our intention to go directly to the Chapel, the intimidating crowd carried us there. Attempting to break from the constant stream of people, we veered off into the Egypt exhibit. However, as we neared the end we realized the exhibit brought us directly back to the beginning of the walk we had just made (and we weren’t allowed to backtrack through the Egypt room). I felt like a goldfish swimming in a tiny bowl. And as the crowd grew more aggressive, I got really frustrated. The path we took to the Chapel had beautiful art covering every surface but because it was so hard to stop and observe, I missed much of what I wanted to see. As we neared the Chapel, the rooms that Raphael painted were the first place that I felt I could really appreciate what I saw. And of course, as I tried to linger and observe The School of Athens, a huge group came by and I was forced to keep going.


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