Ciao tutti!
Sorry that I missed a day or two, but trying to do everything in Rome before we leave is really exhausting.
Let’s see, where did I leave off…Ok the third was yesterday, so Friday.It was a crazy day since we visited the Vatican Museum, which houses the Sistine Chapel and the rooms that Raphael frescoed. I was really exciting as we approach the museum but suddenly I saw the GIANT line spanning multiple blocks (which we got to bypass) and once inside it was a madhouse, in every sense of the word. I was so disappointed with the visit because the entire museum is set up so poorly and everyone pushes through to the Chapel, not paying any attention to the other exhibits. Even in the Chapel, guards kept shushing the massive crowd and people were taking stealth pictures, which was infuriating. I wanted to smash so many cameras in that 15 minute span.
After the museum, some classmates and I explore Rome on our own, visiting the Chiesa del Gesù (Church of the Jesuits). It’s a beautiful church, and I highly recommend visiting so that you can see the amazing frescoed ceiling. There’s also a skeletal hand belonging to St. Ignazio (according to legend) and a really nice rounded temple to the Madonna della Strada. It was one of those churches where you walk in and go ‘woah.’
Speaking of which, I also went back to the Santa Maria in Aracoeli, since it’s basically next door to the Chiesa del Gesù. There was a choir practiving for a church tour and it was an amazing experience. They sounded great and there was no pressure or time crunch – we just sat and listened and enjoyed.
Well, today is our last full day in Rome. Tomorrow our flight leaves and 10:45am and I may just ‘go missing’ conveniently. I’m having a true Roman holiday.


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