Pera e Ananas

Ciao!! The title for this entry is the pear and pineapple gelato combination I had today that I fell in love with.
Yesterday (6/1) we took the metro to the last stop on the B line of the Metro and walked to EUR (Esposizione Universale di Roma). EUR is a building complex by Mussolini that spans a couple of large city blocks. Used now as a business distrcit, it was built to instill a super sense of nationalism in Italian citizens during the Fascist era. It was a really interesting change of scenery, but really creepy at the same time – it was reminiscent of a deserted utopian or failed futuristic city. We did go into the Museo della Civilta, where the giant plastico model of Ancient Rome is. It was awesome to see it in person after seeing it on so many slides in class.
After lunch, we climbed the Aventine Hill, looked through the key hole at the Knights of Malta (really sweet view, I won’t ruin the surprise). After, we visited Santa Sabina and the Giardino dei Aranci. The park is beautiful and has an amazing panoramic view of Rome.
Later that night, a few classmates and I went out to dinner with our Italian professor who is in Rome visiting for a week. It was great to get expensive food and enjoy good company without being in a huge group. I got osso bucco and fried artichokes. And their ‘fatto in casa’ Tiramisù actually might have thrown me to heaven if I hadn’t been so full. It was the best I’ve had so far.
Today (6/2) was the Festa della Repubblica, so our only outing was to visit the Trevi Fountain early, so we could all throw our coins in – 1 for love, 2 for marriage and 3 for divorce (which is weird!) It was nice to get pictures by the fountain without having to ask other tourists to move. After the Trevi, we were free to do whatever we wanted so a few classmates and I took the time to go to a few required self visit sites. The Palazzo Barberini was really cool, and I’ll post another entry about that tomorrow. Then we tried to get to St. Peter’s in Chains, but it was closed. Hopefully we’ll go later today so all my required visits will be done. I’ll just have to write about them…
Anyway, tonight there will be some serious celebrations for the Festa della Repubblica, so we’re heading to Testaccio again. I’m always happy to visit our favorite bartender and dance til it’s tomorrow!
Ci vediamo!


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