It’s Sunday already??

Buona sera Lettori!
I’m working on two more required entries for tonight but I thought I would update with some of the fun stuff as a study break. So Friday night, I stayed in with hopes of getting some rest after an intense pub crawl on Thursday. However, a late group dinner prevented me from getting to bed before 12. Tutto bene, I survived.
On Saturday, we went to the Villa Borghese, which is one of my favorite museums. I love the Bernini statue of Apollo and Daphne, where she is becoming a tree as he chases after her. Being in the room with that statue is amazing. The way Bernini worked with marble puts him on a whole different level than other sculptors. I highly recommend checking out the Villa Borghese, even if it’s just by going to
Other stunning works were Il Sonno by Algardi, Amor Sacro e Amor Profano by Vecello and the ceiling of the 1st floor. It has an enormous ceiling-wide fresco that made my jaw drop. All the ceiling images are masterful, done in a style so that they look completely 3D.
After Villa Borghese, we went to the Villa Medici, which was a privilege. Not many people are allowed in but since one of my professors had connections (as usual) we got to see the beautiful expanse of gardens and architecture.
Saturday night we decided to go out to Testaccio again, hitting up some really decently priced bars and going to a club that was “Saturday Latin” themed. It was nice to dance with guys that knew how to merengue properly. The 10euro cover scared me at first, but it also included your drink of choice from the bar, so we danced the night away!
Tonight, we’re going to Karaoke at an American bar, Scholars. Just have to get back to the grind first. The required entry only has to be 500 words, so why is it so hard to write??
Ci vediamo!


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