Buona sera!

Ciao ciao!
So here is a quick entry before we go out on this lovely Saturday evening. I’ll post more tomorrow as we have all of Sunday afternoon free.
Colosseum & Palatine Hill visit: We got to visit the basement and top tier of the Colosseum! SO COOL! It was absolutely incredible to climb to the top and look out over all the Palatine Hill and into the inner depths of the Colosseum. We also were able to go right up into the remains of the Temple of Venus and Rome in the Roman Forum, which is usually closed to the public. It’s open for a short while so that was really exciting.
Thursday night, some classmates and I did a pub crawl with Colosseum Team (it was 15euro ladies night), and it was certainly an experience! I would recommend it for those looking to get an idea about good spots, but it’s not something to do every weekend. It gave us a pretty good idea about where to go in Testaccio, one of the bigger party districts, so that was helpful.
Friday, we visited St. John the Lateran, which had amazing internal decorations and architecture. We then went to San Clemente, which I forgot that I had visited in high school. Here are multiple excavations that have unearthed an ancient Roman house dating back to the first century AD. It’s amazing to keep descending and seeing the layers peel away.

Ok lettori, time for me to get ready! I’ll update tomorrow with Friday and Saturday’s events.
Ci vediamo!!


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