Ekphrasis (required #2)

Another required entry for class! This time I’m giving a short description of a personally selected piece of art (The Annunciation by Tisi) from the Capitoline Museum.

The artwork I choose was a painting by Garofalo Benvenuto Tisi, depicting The Annunciation. It was painted in 1528 for a Roman church. The colors are really deep, giving the painting a sense of depth and richness. A young Mary is on the right side kneeling with the typical halo surrounding her head. She is dressed in a sumptuous red dress with a royal blue shawl. She looks quite demure and her eyes are focused on the book in front of her.
On the left foreground, the angel Gabriel is announcing to Mary that she will carry God’s son. The angel, in earthy tones of deep orange, red and blue, is pointing at Mary with a lily in his hand. The lily has 3 flowers, probably for the Holy Trinity. The angel’s face is really blank, despite the joyous message he is delivering.
There is also the ever-present dove in between the two foreground figures. Surrounded by an eye-catching white and yellow burst, it symbolizes the Holy Spirit of the Father about to enter Mary.
What mainly drew me to the painting on the third floor of the Museo dei Conservatori in the Capitoline Museum was the rich color. I stepped into the room where it was displayed and was instantly drawn to its intensity.


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