LETTORI, I believe this is an appropriate time to actually freak out and jump around. Fourteen days is nothing! Niente! I can’t believe it has gotten to this point – if you had asked me, months ago, if I would make it, I would have a hard time saying yes. But here I am. Sono qui! or should I say siamo qui! The whole class has, for the most part, worked really hard and I’m glad that we can all share this experience together. It’s going to be life changing.

I’m working on my final travel log now – a predicted first walk in Rome – and it’s going well. It only has to be 3-4 pages, but I’ve already got 4. Theres just so much to write about! So many feelings to describe and so much excitement to corral.
I’m hoping to finish the rough draft tonight. We’re required to post it on our blogs (each student had to create one) so you’ll all get to read it at some point.

Ci vediamo!


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