Ciao Lettori!!
It is the essence of crunch time at Skidmore. Classes end tomorrow, exams start next week and I’ve got enough papers and tests to keep me stressed until the beginning of next semester!

However, there is a light in the piazza! 20 DAYS UNTIL ROMA. VENTI! Seeing that big 2-0 on my countdown is AMAZING. Soon it will be 14, then 7 and before I know it, I’ll be on that plane over the Atlantic. Bellissima.
(Another light, smaller yet just as bright, is we are having another Rome Kids dinner this Saturday. And we’re going out to get some brick over pizza. As you know, I love to mangia!)

I just finished one of my research papers and am working on another shorter assignment. Both are due tomorrow and, of course, the shorter one is making me suffer more – it has to be in Italian, so the translating is taking forever. Now that I’m in the 300 level Italian classes, the pressure for grammatical perfection is really on. I don’t mind it really – it’s just really tedious. So instead, I wrote this entry!

I haven’t even started thinking about my Reading Rome final (sorry if you’re reading this, D&J). I did well enough on the midterm and I’m not worried about getting my creative juices flowing for the short pre-final paper. And the final is just too far away at this moment. If I look at it now, I may just throw my hands in the air and go home early.

Va bene, I guess I ought to get back to work. This componimento isn’t going to write itself and my teacher totally called me out last time I tried to write something for her last minute. Abbia pieta di me, lettori. Pity me. It is going to be a long 20 days.

Ci vediamo!


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