3! (classes left, that is)

Ciao Lettori!
Things are moving quickly, despite the fact that today felt like it took a million years. There are only 3 more Reading Rome classes left, and they are all student presentations for our Adopt-a-Site project.

In class, we had a discussion group on the various readings, from Rosetta Loy, Florence Nightingale and Caroline Carson. Carson was by far the most whiny correspondent, constantly complaining about everything she encountered in Rome. Whenever she did give any details about Rome, it was always accompanied by some criticism. Certainly not the most inspiring writer we’ve encountered.

Also, our teachers have given us a reprieve from our terrible midterm grades! We’ll know what our overall grade is including the travel logs by the end of this week, but we also have the option to retake (in a different format) the structural part of the midterm – what the buildings look like, their purpose, their sponsors, etc. I’m waiting to get my travel log back before I start studying, and while I’m not sure this is the best method, the 30+ other pages I have to write beg to differ.

Our presentation on the Basilica of Constantine and Maxentius (aka The Basilica Nova) is on Wednesday, so add that to the list of things to worry about. Plus my italian teachers have not been the kindest for this upcoming finals season. Madonna mia…Even though I’m excited for the end of the semester because it means I’m closer to Rome, it also means I will to write quite a substantial amount for my other classes. Bof.

I’m off to a run-through for our Wednesday presentation.
Ci vediamo!


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