Mangia, mangia, che ti fa bene!

Ciao Lettori! The title of this post is something my family is always saying – “eat, eat, it does you well!”

This post isn’t about Rome necessarily BUT it is about some delicious Italian food (Sicilian specifically) I had today. My Italian Mysterys class traveled to Schenectady to Perecca’s, which has a 100+year old bakery and an eat in dining room. We ordered Arancini, which are like rice balls. Except not really.
The outer shell is bread crumbs, then a shell of rice inside that, then in the middle is this sloppy-joe-esque mix. They’re baked so the outside is crunchy and then covered in tomato sauce. They look like this:

THEY WERE SO GOOD! The dish had a side of escarole, with lots of garlic, which I personally love. So overall, 10 points. Absolute win.
The bakery next door had the cellophane wrapped Easter eggs which my dad ALWAYS bought us for Easter sunday so of course I bought one. The shop he used to buy them at went out of business, so it’s been a while since I’ve seen una uovo di Pasqua di cioccolata (chocolate Easter egg). The chocolate is hollow and inside, there is a little toy. This discovery was easily the best part of my day. So excited to break it open on Easter.

Then we went to this bakery called Villa Italia (also in Schenectady) and they had Sfogliatelle! I almost died. They were fresh out of the oven and crispy, so of course I brought some to bring back to the dorms. If you’re unfamiliar, they look like this:

My dad loves these and always brings them home on special occasions. Today was just a huge trip down memory lane. Lots of nostalgia, especially since I can’t go home for Easter.

Overall, today was a wonderful day. Bonding with classmates and great food. Eating really does you well.

36 days til Roma. Ci vediamo!


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