A thousand apologies!

Lettori! How I’ve neglected you. Sorry I’ve been MIA lately. Spring is here, therefore time is just flying by. The longer the sun stays out, the longer it takes me to actually buckle down and work on my studies.

Allora, I successfully completed my Travel Log! I included it to give you a better idea of Ancient Rome (disclaimer: it is a fiction piece, so it is not 100% factually accurate, but all the facts about the buildings are true).

We’re continuing on with Rome’s history, discussing it’s development into the Christian Empire that it is today. Tomorrow I’m holding a discussion with some peers on Petrarch’s letters and how he is credited with “putting an end to the Dark Ages.” We’ll see how well that claim goes over with everyone.

I’m also interested in his one letter Fam. II, 14. where he writes:

As I recall, you used to dissuade me from coming [to Rome] for a particular reason, which was that if the ruins of the city did not correspond to its fame and to the impressions I had received from books, my love for it would diminish.”

This struck me since we’re essentially learning about Rome and its ruins from books that give the ruins this magical air. Yet will they still hold that air when we get there? Since I’ve already seen most of the monuments, I especially wonder what my impression will be the second time around, after studying them so intently.

Va bene Lettori. That’s all for now. 54 days!!
Ci vediamo!,


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