1 day! (until spring break, that is)

Oh boy Lettori, I’m dying for spring break at this point! One more exam and I’ll be done for good.

Except, that exam is for Reading Rome…mamma mia, I’ve never memorized so many things. Just to give you an idea, here’s what I know:

  • The 14 Augustan Regions, names AND locations
  • 9 Roman hills, 3 of those being hillsides.
  • All seven Kings and when they ruled
  • Most of the emperors and when they rule
  • 34 important structures, their dates and locations
  • Nero and Augustan building programs and their ideals

And thats not even all I’m supposed to know. But I’m giving up right about now. I feel secure that I have a pretty good shot at not failing AND we have a take home part due after break, so that will definitely help my grade. It’s a travel log, written as if we were walking through Ancient Rome from part A to part B (we have a few choices of which to choose).

Once I’m done with that (our exam is is tomorrow from 9-10:30 am) I will have completed half of my 4th semester and that is INSANE! Time is going so quickly, which is fine in some cases, but in others…it’s debatable. 73 days until Roma, btw.

Disclaimer: Over break, I may not be as active (I’m planning a couple of days of hibernation) but I will try and write about my take home project so as to give you all a better idea, since we’re going to be doing this again for the final and when we get to Rome.

Ci vediamo, Romani!


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