Nevica!! (it’s snowing – what else is new)

Buona notte cari lettori! It’s a typical Sunday night – lots of work to do but I’d much rather be updating tutti.

We’re experiencing yet another sleet/snow storm in my area. bof.

Our Reading Rome dinner was on Saturday night and it was a great load of fun! We had delicious food (my primary concern) including a fresh caprese salad (prosciutto, tomatoes, mozzarella and basil). My professor made this vegetarian “lasagna” with grilled eggplant, sauteed mushrooms, tomato sauce and feta cheese. Delizioso! We also had great broccoli rabe alla Romana – with lots of garlic, virgin olive oil and a kick of spice. If I can wrestle the eggplant recipe from my Prof. I’ll post it here.

Memorable quote from the night (mind you, there were 10+girls and one gentleman):

  • (after much discussion on Italian culture and boys) Student: So Professor, where are we staying?
  • Professor: In a f****** convent!

Pretty sure after telling him all our fantasies about meeting boys named Paolo and Massimo, he’s slightly regretting accepting so many females into the program. The Prof. he’s co-teaching this course with is a woman and we constantly joke about how they “balance” each other out. Really they’re polar opposites – he’s very focused on linear thinking and she’s a firm believer in the “let it ride!” theory. Can’t wait to see how the dynamic plays out in Roma.


I guess I should get back to studying for this monstrous midterm. behhhhh che minaccia! I’d much rather curl up and watch a movie…tipico.


Ci vediamo!


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