Dovè il tempo?

Sorry about being M.I.A., Romani. I’ve been working hard as my “to-do” list lengthens.

Reading Rome has been really interesting lately – we are blowing through BCE and moving into the times of Trajan and Hadrian. Rome underwent some major changes, politically and physically. There is a great quote about the Pantheon:

When fire destroyed Agrippa’s Pantheon on the Campus Martius around A.D. 126, Hadrian residned and rebuilt it, producing what is still probably the most breathtaking structure in the city of Rome. Approached form the north, the directing in which the Campus was being developed, the new temple presented a traditional rectangular porch, eight columns across. But as soon as visitors passed through the potch in the cella, they found themselves in a round space surmounted by an immense coffered dome that suffested the perfect sphere of the universe ruled by “all gods,” whose temple it was.” John E. Stambaugh, Roman City, p.78

I still remember how I gasped when I entered the Pantheon and to read about its origins is amazing. It still astounds me that monuments like the Pantheon are still very much present in Rome today. It is so cool to have that bit of history surrounded respectfully by modernity.


With 89 days left (7 of those being my spring break, void of any kind of academia), it feels like Rome is right around the corner. Therefore, I do promise to be more diligent with entries. And I expect to be posting every day in Rome, as part of our assignment but also as personal goal.

So for now, I leave you with a picture I took inside one of Rome’s most impressive landmarks. Buona notte!


Ci vediamo!


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