ROME 101

101 days left! It’s still a huge number, but I just have to keep reminding myself it’s worth it. The weather up here is crappy and my workload hasn’t gotten any easier but in 101 days I will be flying across the Atlantic Ocean, prepping for some awesome culture shock.

Reading Rome has proven a challenging but entertaining course – I love learning about the history aspect of the city. We started with Romulus and Remus and are now reading about the murder/death of Caesar and Brutus. We’re reading about this whole new world of history and mythology that I knew so little about and it is slowly morphing into travel writing, which is a section that I can’t wait to explore.

For those of you interested in Ancient Rome, UCLA has a really cool digital model of what the Forum would have looked like: It has been really helpful when we discuss buildings that are currently in shambles.

Well Romani, there’s not much else to say other than buona note. Tomorrow awaits (predicted snow storm and all).

Una santa vista
View from the top of the Vatican

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